Environmental Management Accreditation

save our earth 150x150 Environmental Management AccreditationEvery company is being run to fulfill the demand of something. Each company produces or yields different things and products based on their fields. It is better if every company has quality accreditation and environmental management accreditation. As the customers, we need to pay attention about the quality of the products resulted from the company and the effects of production to the environment.

Quality accreditation is a test and calibrates laboratories that the company internationally recognize standards the competence, impartiality and performance capability. And environmental management accreditation is an important role in integrity environment management system.

Hard Anodising LTD has quality accreditation to ISO 9001-2000 and AS9100 and environmental management accreditation to ISO14001. It will make sure about the company and its products. Hard Anodising LTD produces electroless nickel plating. Electro less nickel plating is nickel plating that in its process is done without any electrical current.

In the process produces a hard wearing, corrosion resistant and abrasion resistant surface. It gets results such as natural lubricating qualities with similar appearance to chrome plating in grey color.

It is important to cover the metal with electroless nickel plating because it prevents directly contact with air. Most metals can be covered by electroless nickel plating to protect it from rust.

We can find directory of Hard Anodising LTD at Applegate. Applegate is a business directory of UK companies.  We have to choose the company that has quality accreditation and environmental management accreditation.

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