Employees’ Discipline

I am a manager in an advefinger print.jpg1 300x287 Employees’ Disciplinertising company in California.  I currently have twenty employees in my office. They are working eight hours daily, from Monday to Friday. They serve customers who need advertising services. In my office, I have some rules that should be obeyed by them. However, I’m not only making the rules, but also showing them my discipline in obeying those rules. For me, employees’ discipline is one of the signs that I’m a good manager.

Sometimes my work could be hard because some employees were not discipline and I should warn them, such as: coming late to the office. In the past, to make the employees work effectively, they had to sign the attendance list daily. But, it was not effective because some employees still came late or even asked his/her colleagues to sign it. My partner that is working in another office suggested me to use employee time clocks to check employees’ attendance list easily.

He said if I use employee time clocks, I can avoid the employees that cheat the manual system. It also means I can calculate wages and working hours based on the rules and regulations easier. This can increase their discipline in my office.  My partner explained to me that ‘time is money and one of the keys to make our business success is discipline’.

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I’m sure that all managers should use this time clock.

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